We offer three colour choices: Natural Grey, Charcoal, and Rustic.

The Natural Grey is the unaltered classic ornament hue. The simplicity and elegance of this classic form captures the best of the 'old world' charm. The Charcoal's deep smoky shade emphasizes fine details while expressing a uniform look that offers a contemporary feel. This colour, created with a dye, is forever mixed into the concrete and masks abrasion and wear.

The Rustic stain inspires images of aged and weathered garden antiques. Expect a varied range of tones from rust and gold to grey-green and black, with an effect similar to an aged patina. This dynamic stain is a reaction that occurs on the surface of the concrete. Factors such as the calcium content, humidity and moisture level in the concrete creates a unique look to each piece. Pairs and sections of items look very much related while still maintaining their independent aged look.


Each piece is created from concrete reinforced with fiber and steel, and then water-sealed for protection. Our ornaments continue to successfully endure the subzero winters of the Canadian wet West Coast, windswept Prairies as well as the frozen Yukon.

Care is needed with water features; they must be protected from freezing while holding water. Please invert the piece or cover it and remove fountain pumps. This is the only way to prevent a bowl from cracking with the incredible expansion pressures of freezing water.